Monday, July 30, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

When we bought our house last year, we were so excited for everything but especially to have a nice master bathroom to share. I'm not exactly sure how it happened but we each claimed our own: he has the on-suite and I have the upstairs guest bath. We have never even set foot in the same one at the same time. Since mine is all mine for now, I'm making it as feminine as possible; starting with a makeover for the original medicine cabinet.

All I needed was something to lend me inspiration. When I found this shower curtain at HomeGoods, I knew it was perfect. It's a great focal point with the big bold floral pattern and the color is luscious. It's the best shade of plum that I have ever seen because it's almost neutral and definitely nowhere near Barney. I wanted to start incorporating the color into the rest of the room but I'm much too much of a commitment phobe when it comes to decor to even consider painting the walls but updating the medicine cabinet was a painless decision.

My biggest complaint is that since my bathroom is also the upstairs guest bath, anyone who stays overnight will use it and see everything inside. Besides that, the cabinet was in the bathroom when we moved in and while it was simple and did the job, it was nothing special. 

Let me introduce you to Plain Jane the "just-okay" medicine cabinet. Do you see what I'm talking about? Oh and while we're at it, hello deodorant and wrinkle cream!

First thing's first, I wanted to update the look of the simple design by adding a bit of my favorite color. I antiqued the surface with a mixture of grey acrylic paint, purple acrylic paint, and glazing medium (equal parts of each). All I had to do was brush it on and wipe it off almost immediately. I was precise and applied the paint and removed it all in the same direction to keep it neat and still I was done in less than 20 minutes.

To address the privacy issue I removed the glass panels and used temporary spray adhesive to attach the vinyl lace placemats that were left over from the Cut Lace Carry-All. I then sprayed three coats of Krylon's Looking Glass paint over the entire thing. After the paint dried I carefully removed the placemats and then sprayed a coat of white paint over the glass panels to give the windows a two tone effect. Inserting the windows was a piece of cake and really changed the look of the whole thing.

Like it? I love it! It'd be a great addition to a cute little cottage somewhere on the coast but luckily for me, it's right at home in my bathroom. The purple is subtle but the impact is unmistakable. It brings a whole new level of pretty to the room. Better yet, everything is tucked inside and even though it's a bit cluttered in there, no one has to know.

a close-up of the antique finish... isn't it dreamy?

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream

I'm about to throw myself under the bus for a second. I've been slacking on the "spoon" aspect of Spool and Spoon for awhile. The last recipe I posted was three weeks ago! Whoopsie! I try to cook creatively but lately the meals have been pretty ordinary in our household. That's all over now though. Hopefully, you'll forgive me after you try this latest treat. Fingers-crossed!

My mother-in-law makes a ricotta cake and serves it with a fluffy chocolate "mousse" topping. While I love it all on its own, I have a slight obsession with frozen goodness... okay okay, slight might be an understatement. I wanted to push the mousse a bit further on the scale of dessert deliciousness and turn it into ice cream. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream. Mmhmmm.

I used fat free whipped topping, fat free milk, and fat free pudding mix to keep it light... well, relatively light haha.


After all of that, you are done! It's rich, creamy, and super delicious. The best part? You can use ANY pudding flavor you want so that really opens up the possibilities.

Even more is that while the ice cream melts, it still retains the light texture of the mousse. Two desserts in one? Now that's a real win-win over here. Go make yourself a batch, grab your sunglasses and a glass of red wine, and lounge on the patio with a heaping cup-full!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Notes FROM the Babysitter {Printable}

There was such a positive response to my Notes for the Babysitter printable, so THANK YOU! In addition to the dozens of comments, so many lovely ladies emailed to ask if I had a printable for the babysitter to fill in while she was with the kids. Since I generally write notes out on the first piece of scrap paper I find, I didn't have a specific template that I used. After some really sweet encouragement from some very convincing mamas, I put one together.

Here's a free printable for notes FROM the babysitter: While You Were Out!

Have you ever found yourself completely exhausted after a night out with the husband only to forget everything the sitter told you when you got home the night before? Wait, when did she say they went to bed exactly? How many times did the baby have a bm?! How much of their dinner did they actually eat? Well, all of those questions could be answered and reviewed when you're finally sober awake enough to recall the details. 

Download the printable here.

While you could definitely have one per child, I think that's a lot of extra work for a sitter that you want to have focusing on the care of your children. I'd suggest leaving just one copy out on the counter with a pen, showing it to the sitter before you leave, and instructing her to write the name/initials next to each individual note.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craft Room Organization: Stamp Jars

You may not remember this, but earlier this year Real Simple came and made over my craft room. They did such a wonderful job and I'm paranoid that I'll ruin it. I feel like I'm constantly stuck coming up with new ways to make the most of my existing space since I seem to hoard craft supplies. The $1 sets of alphabet stamps from Michaels are one such supply I can't resist buying...after all, they're only a buck!

The problem with those little packs is they come in these dinky boxes that make it impossible to keep organized so I just toss them together in one big container. Well that definitely isn't a solution because when I want to use them I have to fish out each matching set... Waste of time, much?  After a recent trip to Ikea, I snagged little spice jars that were the perfect size for each set. This is what I came up with:

They consist of: small jars (could easily be done with baby food jars), craft paper stickers, and stamped on words. I think they are a perfectly adorable and organized addition to my amazing space.

Stamp sets
1 jar per stamp set
1 label per jar
ink pad

1. Get all of your stamps together

2. Sort by font

3. Gather enough jars for each set

4. Apply a sticker to the lid of each jar

5. Get the letters from each set for whatever word you want to spell out

6.  Use a pretty color to stamp your word onto the sticker

7. I thought mine were lacking a certain something so I added a little stitch doodle on each to give some extra pop.

I had originally applied the stickers to the sides of the jars, but considering you view the jars from the top, I ripped those little babies off and put them on the lid. That way, I can easily see which set is which and only grab the stamps I want.

What are your favorite craft organization tips? Please share! I'm always stoked to hear all of the creative ideas floating around out there.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surf the Waves {Printable}

Every once in awhile, you might feel as though you've been dealt an unfairly terrible hand.  Rather than fixate on something out of your control, you have to learn to overcome it. This little printable reminds you of that in a light, summery kind of way. 

Get the printable here in all of its high-resolution goodness (it's a whopping 2968x2968 so it'll resize very well).

Read it. Take it. Share it. Pin it. Print it. Frame it. Give it. Live it. And always remember to ride the waves. 

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lace Earrings

I love lace. Madonna obviously had an effect on me while I was growing up, haha. After all, I wouldn't consider anything except lace for my wedding gown last year. Still, I can't believe how trendy it is at the moment. You see it on just about everything and you're about to see it on something new -- earrings!

I am venturing into the wild world of jewelry making and I'm beginning to learn that it's only as difficult as you make it... and these earrings? Pfft. Not difficult at all.

What you'll need:
Lace trim in a pattern that you like
2 jump rings
2 fish hook earrings
Fabric Stiffener: 1 tablespoon Elmer's glue & 1 tablespoon water

1. Cut your desired length of lace (mine is about 2.5 inches long -- I just followed the pattern)
2. Mix your glue and water in a dixie cup until smooth and the consistency of milk
3. Dip lace into the mixture and move it around until it's completely saturated

4. While it's still wet, insert a sewing needle

5. Lay it flat to dry and remove the needle when the lace is completely stiffened

6. Thread an opened jump ring into the hole left by the needle

7. Attach the earring hook to the jump ring and close the jump ring completely

That's it! Now step back and admire your handiwork. Love them? I bet you do. 

They are so feminine and airy. They look incredibly delicate but due to the stiffener, they hold their shape perfectly and won't just twist up in your hair.

They can dress up even the most casual of outfits... I'm wearing a basic white tank and preppy shorts and they look fabulous with the ensemble.

On display with some of my other favorite earrings. Aren't those little blue birds from Target just darling? Or maybe you're admiring my pretty little bees from J.Crew? And of course my Anthro Callias Knock-offs are a show stopper as well!

Like my earring display? It's just burlap and lace wrapped around foam board and inserted in a frame... I feel another tutorial coming!

If you like these earrings, you should check out my Cut Lace Carryall, too! 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't Miss It: Darlybird Sale

You may remember me raving about my new favorite shop, Darlybird, when I made the Cut Lace Carry-all Tote a few weeks ago. Luckily for you, they are hosting a sale. Not just any sale, but a 30% off everything sale! The sale will be going on now through July 22, 2012. Use the code COMINGSOON at checkout to receive the discount.

Maybe you'll want to pick up some of my favorites:

If you grab something, be sure to share! I'm excited to see what YOU love from the shop.

This is by no means a sponsored post. I was just so gosh darn excited that I wanted to share with all of you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crocheted Charm Bracelet

Woven bracelets are the perfect accessory for all of the bare-armed outfits of the summer. My friendship bracelets are awesome but also incredibly casual. I wanted something new, something simple, something refined. These crocheted charm bracelets are the perfect blend of everything I was looking for. 

It really couldn't be simpler to make these bracelets unless you did something like Katy at Sweet Verbena did.

You gotta love the clearance section at A.C. Moore -- I got the materials (2 charms and 10 yard of cording) for only $1.66! 

Aren't these fabulous? Ahhh. I love how the waxed cotton almost resembles leather but it is much easier to handle (plus no animals were harmed!)

I can't decide which I like better.. the heart or the circle. What do you think?

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