Thursday, October 10, 2013

Team Colors Football Wreath


We are definitely one of *those* football households. Beginning in September, there is never any question of "what are we doing on Sunday?" We already know. We run out for special hot wings early in the afternoon. Cheese and crackers have a special place on the coffee table. Only during commercials do we dare have a conversation. With a beer in hand, we cheer way too loud. We rep our teams colors with pride... even though we are having a pretty crappy season so far. 

A couple of weeks ago, I thought that a wreath would be the perfect way to dress up our Hunter Green door with a bit of [Chip] Kelly Green. Fly, Eagles, fly!

It's nothing complicated... just a basic styrofoam wreath form, wrapped in white yarn, with touches of gray and green for our beloved Birds. 

I decided to go with the retro Eagles colors because they're a bit more vibrant than the current colors but you can use whatever works best for your team -- except gray, blue, white and red... sorry, no Giants or Cowboys fans allowed.

For that helmet, I used Fiskars' ridiculously simple template for a cut paper helmet and just rounded the angles a bit.  Then, I added the appropriate Philly details. and those little footballs? A pair of clearance ornaments that I just found at Michael's for $0.50.

The pom poms are about a dozen strips of thinly cut white and green felt (about 7x1/4in), tied in the middle, and then folded down (like you would do if you were making a tassel). I hot glued a rolled grey piece in the middle to be the handle, coaxed all of the felt into one direction, and they were done. 

I chose to add a little pennant banner but was at a loss for what I wanted it to say. Eagles? PHL? Philly? Iggles? Philadelphia? I went with "Fly" and I'm pretty happy about that decision. The felt flowers are the easiest thing ever and I used this method to create them.

I just love it. Sure, it'll soon be replaced with a Halloween decorations and Christmas wreath, but it's been the perfect adornment for the past couple of weeks.

It's kind of the perfect multi-use decoration -- it goes up in September, down on October 15, back up on November 1, down on December 1, back up on January 1 and can stay up through Valentines Day. That's a W on my scorecard.

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  1. So cool! Even though I will never understand football, this is such a cute craft! :-)

    1. Thanks, Anja! I never expected to be a football fan but Joe has had that effect on me haha.


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