Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mmm! Diaper Cake!

At this point in my life, it seems like there is a perpetual pregnancy going around my friend circle. The Mr. and I are not quite there yet, so it's fun (for me at least) to celebrate the arrival of the little munchkins. Yesterday was the baby shower for my WBFF (work-BFF) -- so this past week has been spent creating some sweet gifts for her little bundle of joy.

I'm always one to do a themed present and this time around I opted for football. In addition to an assortment of sporty baby necessities, I made a diaper cake and a taggie blanket/mat (directions coming momentarily!).

There are diaper cake tutorials everywhere; seriously, just google it and you'll get hundreds of thousands of responses. I used the method of rolling up each diaper individually and attaching them around an empty paper towel roll with rubber bands. The roll not only provides a starting foundation, but it's also a great way to anchor the layers together. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures while I was making it, so no tutorial from me. Bad Jess! I know... I'm sorry!

The photo is deceiving, but my cake is 3 tiers. 38 diapers on the first, 20 on the second and 7 on the top. Since I used an empty roll, there was a hole in the center that was just the right size to attach the security blanket.

The keys to an attractive diaper cake are:
  • Wrap the diapers TIGHTLY
  • Disguise the rubber bands with pretty ribbons on the visible layers (I layered a baby blue ribbon with a football ribbon on the top and bottom tiers and just the plain blue on the middle tier)
  • Coordinate the accent pieces with a color/theme
  • Consider wrapping a receiving blanket, fabric scrap, or baby towel around one or more of the layers (see tier 2)
All my best -- Jess

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  1. Your diaper cake is adorable. On the picture, it does look like its 2 tiers at first.


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