Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinteresting Solution #2 - Toilet Brush Drip Dry

Having been home for the last 16 weeks, I willingly assumed the majority of the cleaning responsibilities. Without a doubt, there are some chores I like more than others. I don't mind laundry or the dishes but  really really do not enjoy cleaning the bathrooms, especially the toilet. I go in there suited up for a hazmat disaster. Okay, maybe not really but it's pretty gross. I can't even consider using the same gloves afterwards.

And then there is that pesky toilet brush.

What in the world are you supposed to do with that darn wet scrub brush anyway? For the longest time I was stumped and threw it into the powder room vanity so I could just forget about it. That was until I saw this pin by A Real-Life Housewife:

All you have to do is clean your toilet like you normally would and when you're done, rinse it in the clean toilet bowl and place it under the toilet seat to dry. Considering that's a ridiculously simple process and pretty much ingenious, I tried it right away.

And surprise! It works and it works well. The scrub brush dries quickly and there is no need for a soggy cabinet or gross toilet brush holder. I'd say that unlike the last Pinteresting Solution, this is a success.

Try it!

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